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Learning Logistics helps assessment organizations solve the thorniest of technical problems. We offer proven solutions that complement existing or emergent assessment platforms, and the expertise to make it all work.

Mike Powell

Mike Powell

Colin Magee

Colin Magee

General Manager
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Chriss Cazayoux

Head of Marketing

Behind the Scenes. By Design.


When the demand for new features and baseline requirements outstrips your internal technical resources or appetite for investment, we close that gap with the most forward-looking and feature-complete solutions available in the market.

Adapt API

Computer Adaptive Engine

We have built the world's first fully pluggable, service-oriented computer adaptive testing engine. Developed by experts in educational assessment and designed to be easily integrated in to any assessment platform, Adapt API provides the best-in-breed in Computer Adaptive Testing.


Secure Browser

The primary driver for this application is the need for a secure means of delivering an assessment. We want to make sure students are unable to look up answers in other applications, and at the same time, we want to make sure any sensitive test or student data is always kept secure.


Our products are designed to be flexible and can be configured to meet your needs.

Easy Integration

We provide simple and well documented interfaces that allow for easy integration.


Performance is always a priority and our applications are designed to easily scale.


Our experts and support staff are here to help with all of your testing needs.


At Learning Logistics, we understand the issues and can help you with your toughest challenges. From inception to triage, our team will deliver on your most complex solution needs.

Systems Architecture

Utilizing our many years of experience in defining and managing complex enterprise architectures, we will help you define, document, and govern the systems that you invest so heavily in.

Software Development

Have an idea for a new product or need help upgrading part of your existing platform? Our team will help you achieve these milestones while you focus on your day-to-day tasks.

Technical Audits & Advisory

Assessment systems are inherently complex. Whether ensuring operational success or validating development plans, our experts will give you fresh perspective and actionable feedback.


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